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Tdi cyclone breather pipe to sump


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Looking to swap this out for a new one.

Anybody know if you need to drain the sump first before removing it?


PS Why are the breathers never leak proof? Mine seems to leak where the sump pipe joins it.....

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I presume this is a 200Tdi? The oil level in mine is above the end of the metal pipe so when you remove the hose it pushed oil of of the pipe. If you are quick enough with the swap you *should* be able to do it without using much oil. Just connect the new pipe to the breather and route it down to the pipe, unroute (is that a real word?) the old one but leave it connected then just quickly swap them over.

Failing that, just drain into a clean bucket, swap it and just pour the oil straight back in the top.

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Yep, 200Tdi. Cheers for the info. I thought that might be the case.

Sump area a bit mucky down there so Gunk and jet wash being put into action pre-swap over....

I'm trying to get that side of the engive a bit cleaner hence new pipe and breather being fitted.....

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You obviosuly have a nice oil leak free engine...... ;)

I wish but mine seems to be coming from just about every possible gasket or seal, after it has been fully degreased I will know more of where the oil is coming from but too much other stuff to be getting along with before I get to that point.

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