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Marshals Needed


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Round 4 of the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge Trophy will take place at Llanfyllin, Powys on Sunday 18th September.

We are in need of marshals equipped with 4x4s to help run the event on the day.

Duties involve patrolling the site to ensure competitors are complying with regulations, manning and scoring the special stages and helping to get the punches in at the end of the event.

In addition there will be a film crew present at this event who may need transporting to different parts of the site.

We need eight vehicles to help and in return our sponsor Scorpion Racing will provide: a fleece jacket, a baseball cap, refreshments, stickers and £20 contribution to fuel costs per vehicle.

If you can help or want more details please contact me on 07790 697176.

Sorry can't take emails or PMs at the moment due to dodgy ADSL connection


Neil Whitford

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Will be there competing also. Massive list of joibs between now and then. I need to get a new MOT ticket between now and then. Note to self....Really must stop leaving things to the last minute. Aaaaaaaargggghhh. I can foresee a few late nights this week.


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right thats it...

I call for a biatch strike. :o

or if nothing else, a roll swap day - no I don't mean sandwiches.. If you drivers think your sooooooooo good I reckon we should swap positions (same vehicle). Get the toy thrower to run about all day with out a single moan or grumble and I shall sit down and relax and drive pathetically so the winch monkey has to do even more work.


Is anyone with me on this? :unsure:

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Yes please Neil,

Make a driver swap stage,

and make sure you add plenty of side slopes!!! :o:o:o

Pigster loves side slopes don't you :lol::lol: oh dont forget to tell the film crew

to follow team 32 when they have there go as you will see a pigster

change colour :lol: or roll :D:lol:

Looking forward to sunday as we only lasted 1 1/2 last time in wale's :angry:

Regards Adrian

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