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diesel range rover classic


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Hallo everyone,

I haven't posted on the forum for a while. Last time was for my RRC overfinch's brakes.

My dilemma now is that next year I am going to have to return to the UK from Southern Africa after having been away for 10 years. I will not be able to bring my beloved car with me. I will not be able to live with myself if I have to drive any other vehicle other than a classic. Which classic though? I was thinking a late model diesel, but how good is the 300tdi engine in the classic? Would it be better to transplant another diesel engine (td5?). Or should I just go petrol? I don't know anything about LPG.

Any advice would be great. I want to start thinking over my options now so that when I do buy my next classic it is the right one for me.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a 300 Tdi RRC and it's fine. No tyre burner, but it will do 90mph and 35mpg in standard guise. That's with the manual transmission - an auto would be worse on both counts. The other good thing about the diesels is that the Borg Warner transfer box chain doesn't stretch under the diesels' lower torque, while the V8s need new chains every 80k. They are a little noisier inside, though and don't have that refined sound outside. A gassed V8 might well be worth consideration if the conversion is done properly.

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I have just finished a load of welding on a 200 TDI powered 2 door,with LT77 5spd and a 230 gear driven transfer box. I took it in for MOT this afternoon,not driven it for a while - surprised me how well it went.More than adequate for its use,building/firewood and trailer towing.Plus one or two trips to the south of France each year.

Its no race car,but perfectly capable of motorway cruising whilst towing.I also think its better with the gear driven transfer case,being able to lug down lower in high gears and not snatch/lurch like both the BW equipped 200 and 300 RRC's we did many thousands of miles in.

A mapped TD5 engine will provide a lot more power,but either 200 or 300 TDI will work VERY hard for a long time with little maintenance,I certainly have had my moneys worth from them,a Bosch starter,(300TDI D1 Auto) caused the only breakdown for me in around 13years of use of a 200,300RRC and the D1.

Hope my pampered TD5 DII can do as well.

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I used to have a 3.5 efi, now a 200TDi. No doubt the V8 was a great engine, with power and remarkable low end torque for a non-turbo petrol engine. However once you are on first-name terms with every petrol station owner, you realise that the fuel consumption is a bit high. I never dared to work out what it actually was. Bodywork problems lead to me letting it go to someone with more appetite for that kind of work, but the engine had over 300,000Km on it and ran great.

The TDi gives over 30 mpg (>9 L/100 Km) and pulls just fine. In fact the 3.5 efi torque spec is 207 lb-ft, and the 200 and 300 TDi is 195 lb-ft, so not such a big difference. The power output at 111 PS is lower (165 for the 3.5V8). However the TDi intercooler is very poor, and there are a few good upgrade options on the market, some of them are straight size-for-size swaps. These will let you get to 130PS with little effort with some pump adjustments, no turbo boost fiddling needed.

Of course there are the modern versions from International Motors (Brazil), but then costs rise...

Nice thing with the TDi is that it is a "traditional" diesel, with no electronics. Easier for maintenance etc. and now mine has 220,000Km and just getting run in nicely ^_^

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Thanks guys,

I like the idea of 30mpg for a range rover. Also I would also like to keep any car I buy as standard as possible so a tdi engine makes sense. I am not a boy racer any more so do not mind if the car wont beat much at the lights. If I ever did feel the need for more power then bolt on extras is very straight forward. I will now keep a look out for good vehicles for sale. I would like to spend about £5000 to £6000 hopefully that will get me a good one.

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