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Changing springs ...


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It's supposed to be nice weather tomorrow and I may have the morning free to swap the springs on my 90...

.... I have Gwyn's set up on the front and x springs on the rear... What's the easiest way to swap the springs out do you think ?

I have wonder if parking it on a pair of ramps to cross axle it would flex the front enough so all I'd have to do it unbolt the bottom pin on the front shock and pull the spring out.....

Alternatively I guess a trolley jack and a high lift might give enough movement at the front to do the same thing and dislocate the spring ..?

Failing that I'm into using the spring compressors, which always seem to take an age.

It's also ages since I fitted the x springs - and I'm presuming I'll just have to pop a screwdriver in to lock the top hat and spring and then dislocate it, hook it over the top spring bracket and use the jacks to remove the screw driver.

I'm probably just trying to cut corners - but if there was some time saving tips they'd be most welcome.

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I had a special tool when I changed my springs - it's called a-son !

As said above but I had a-son push down on the hub to make popping the spring out easier, did not need a spring compressor. The longest part was initally working out how to remove the Puma turret cover under the bonnet with breaking it. If I recall start to finish took about an hour for all springs and shocks.

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