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OT digital car park signs


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Wish I'd seen it! Usually don't go to crawley until the afternoon.

The signs appear to be connected to a central control by a 2.4 GHz wireless link of some sort. I suspect it was this that was hacked, not the computer controlling them.

Most "Hacks" turn out to be inside jobs when you dig a bit deeper! <not thinking of anyone in particular ;) >


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Any body on here drive into Crawley this morning?

Some one with too much time on there hands hacked the digital car park signs :D

heres the full story

Just as well it only said "f**k off" had it been an insult to some those amongst us we could have expected the arrival of the SAS.

Then we wouldn't have had the council guy saying " what a great wheeze.......no harm done

"it would have been... line up here to collect your compo...."

God I hate the councils that run this ******n country........

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