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**** me that's twice in one day


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Sheer madness....

You know it's kids who've never driven or they'd realise just how dangerous their little "prank" really is.... Need to put them in a car that then hits the tyres and crashes pretty severely.

Might change their minds...

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further to earlier posting


pretty upsetting story though- i drive under this bridge twice a day!

Think I can understand the need here though to mention "4x4" - most people - because of the way they are indoctrinated by the media will immediately think about a large off road vehicle - rather than a Golf 4motion and it could assist with the identification of the idiots who did this.

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Absolutly no need to insert this 'possibly a 4x4-type of vehicle and a car. ' just the bit about 2 vehicles on the bridge at the time of the incident was mare than sufficent.

what a bunch of idiots to throw tyres onto a motorway, reaaly lucky that more people in vehicles weren't killed/seriously injured.

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I think that one is fair, if I said sports car, you would probably think low lean thing, not a range rover sport etc etc

If you said transit type van it could be any of this big boxy things.

Everytime I see a bunch of people on an overhead brige I always cringe a little and wonder if something will be dropped off these days - biggest problem is that they are very difficult to catch, unless you start putting cctv on every bridge over a motorway.

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unless you start putting cctv on every bridge over a motorway.

You mean there isn't already, just about the only place in the country that hasn't.

Don't mistake the dark blue camera type boxes on motorway bridges for camera's, these blue boxes are for the Philips trafficmaster system, to monitor traffic flows for their subscribers & most likely Highways agency/Police uses to identify hold ups.

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