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Reducing roll in a 3-Link on road???


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So what's the best way to have the flexibility of a 3-Link off-road, but stiffen it up on-road to reduce roll in corners??

Is it to fit an anti-roll bar with dislocating mounts? Or is there an alternative?

A 3-Link is something I'd like to do in 07, and slighty stiffen a 3-Link set-up for on-road. I've plenty of experience driving a 3-Link on-road and in my view with the right springs it doesn't need much work to make it ok.



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Won't raising the roll centre give more weight transfer on the axle (ie you'll have less grip, but you'll feel less alarmed...) ?

That probably would be the case if you went a long way up, but I dont see a problem going up a couple of inches so that the front roll centre is closer to the rear roll centre. The rear RC on a standard vehicle is some 5'' higher than the front.


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Steve, the previous thread on 3 links and alternatives had a new system called X-link, you can lock this up for road or release for 3-link equivalent travel, only been done in Oz as far as I know.


I will be doing something simerlar in due course.

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Whats the latest on the build then Will ?

Last pics were a while ago now in the "Not a 10 day build" thread.....anything to bring it up to date as to whats been done since ?

Post up PICS :D


Nige, I've been soooo busy I've not even seen the truck in the last month. Not a happy bunny :angry:

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