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Grease seeping from both swivels on my 94 RRC


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I seem to have a lot of swivel grease seeping from both swivels on my 94 RRC.

About 12 months ago I had a seized wheel bearing as a result of a bodge from the pervious owners’ garage. As I had it all apart (replacing the stub axle) I also inspected the swivel joint itself and filled it with new grease.

I also inspected the other side as well and filled that with new grease. Now after a few hundred miles I have the grease seeping all over the brake disc guards on the inside of the axle. What would be causing this?

There is no play in the bearings themselves and this was rechecked on the vehicles recent MOT (I made sure that there was no grease on the guards when I presented it!).

Have I over filled them? Could the axle breather be blocked? Are the seals just simple worn?

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are before I take it all apart again.

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Could easily be over-full. It's called one-shot and one packet is enough to do the job. So maybe you have two packets in there?

I like them oil filled, as it lubes better, but both systems suffer from the same issue; that if stuff is coming out, then water can get in. I think its re-build time :(

At least you don't need any mega special kit to do these :)

And so many parts around, I would consider buying spare swivels to rebuild at your leisure and fit them later in the year when it warms up a bit.

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There's a seal between the swivel ball and the axle to keep the swivel grease and diff oil separate. If that's gone the axle oil can migrate (when cornering) into the swivel. Least that's what I put mine down to. Also there are two different sizes of swivel seal (the large one for the actual ball) and they look the same but one's deeper than the other - they're easily mistaken and the deeper one won't seal properly if applied to the shallower housing.

EDIT: I use my RR in a perpetually sandy environment so I've found that the swivel seals can be worn down very quickly. There are rubber boots available - and two schools of thought on their use: some say it's better to be able to see what's going on, some prefer to have the protection from grit.

Found this cool hand drawing with all the part numbers (this applies to the early cars, take note)

aaaand an actual diagram detailing the problem :)

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