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Wood, Card, Paper, Glue and Ingenuity


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Clearing my model making bench last week I came across these


The chassis sides for a 110 I made years ago. I wasn't satisfied with them so I've another idea, that might or might not work

This time card doubled up


So later I'm glueing them together and I'll let you know the result.

I have a number of projects in the pipeline.

Two brewers horse drawn drays.

London horse drawn 'bus

Shepherds hut.

All wood or card.

I work in 1/ 24th scale. Half an inch to the foot or one mm to the inch..

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I think I've posted these before.

Series I made many years ago for my youngest girl on her 18th birthday. This time they're big. One inch to the foot




I didn't have the tools I now have, turning was done in a Bosch drill clamped to a table

The only things I didn't made were the steering wheel and the wheels.

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Horses. Originally I only made the one for the coal wagon. Then others for friends. Recently I've made others.

They start like this


5mm thick cut on the Proxxon fret saw.


Then the lighter coloured wood added for the feet


Glued up.


Finally sanded into shape with a small drum sander then varnished.

I'll list my tools later

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The horses are fairly easy and don't take a lot of time with the actual cutting, however each time I glue then together it takes a day to let the glue fully set. I do them one side/ piece at a time. Once everything is built up it's only about two days sanding.

The thing is I can no longer service my Defender, yep I'm still managing some jobs. So back to the models.

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I've also started a "sheperds hut" Mainly made from card


The corrugated paper is meant to represent just what it says. Corrugated sheet. It didn't work like so much I tried at the weekend.

I'll up-date that later. So much to say nothing moved forward.

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Two tries at the shepherds hut.

The top corrugated one bent out of shape and I wan't happy with the result. So I tried to cover in "wood" the wood being card strips. The dividers are used to keep a constant measure. The only problem here was I forgot there will be a chassis so the "wood" isn't long enough at the bottom


I'm trying to make the collar. For some reason the Milliput isn't setting, maybe it's too cold. I'll try that later on next month

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Two weeks ago we visited the Tile Giant to look at tiles for the toilet. There was a half price offer so we bought, tileing nearly done and back into my workshop today to continue the Shepherds hut....It's fiddly...Anyways more built up


The wood is for the chassis.

To add, Friday I go into hospital to have a hernia seen to. No more Defender for a few weeks. I'll be in workshop ASAP

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Catch up time. 7th June Margaret and myself went to York Dolls House and Miniatures Fair, We travelled by train as it was cheaper.

I, well Margaret dd, found some imitation hair. I've never been satisfied with what I had for the horses tails, it never sat right.

So here's the result of the new stuff


Now I've the others to do.

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