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200TDI loss of power


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I have a Land Rover 90 fitted with a Disco 200TDI, until the other day this went well and pulled great , but the other day I was towing my trailer and went to overtake a car as I was passing the car I heard a noise and seemed to loose power, the noise was maybe the trailer. Now it's not pulling when climbing hills or even on the flat, ten acceleration is poor although there's not much smoke, anyone got an idea what's wrong. I have taken the pipe from the inter cooler to manifold off and there's a Good blow from it so I think the turbo is ok. Could it be the injector pump diaphragm?

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Has the boost pipe from the turbo the the injection pump failed or popped off? That would prevent the fuelling responding to boost, so no black smoke but a big performance drop, with no other noises or symptoms other than initial gush, pop or whistle and the pipe failed.

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