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brass nuts?


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I previously just put std steel nuts back on but having sheared and rounded off all of the nuts and studs holding the turbo to the manifold I need to replace them, now remembering the old 2.6 6cyl exhaust issuesof the past I do remember the nuts being brass and easily coming off, only needing to replace rotten studs but having perfectly serviceable nuts.

Any reason not to swap over on the turbo? I wonder if the heat will be an issue?

Just double checking the studs from manifold to turbo are M8 X 25?

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Agreed, use stainless, brass can expand excessively and become loose with horrible results. BMC used to use brass nuts on their exhaust manifolds yonks ago but that was well before the economic advent of S/S nuts.

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Brass is softer than steel, so for a given clamping pressure to be achieved you need more thread-length engaged between the nut and the stud than you would with steel. Typically, brass "manifold nuts" are have about twice the thread-length of equivalent steel ones. Do you have enough stud showing to allow this?

If not, use stainless nuts.

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