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Thinking of a Wolf ambulance....

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This info is really useful.

Any idea how you get a number to call the DVLA? I've trawled their website and it just won't give me a number!! I've got an MOT booked on mine tomorrow and need to get the forms sent out.

Any tips on filling in the V55/5?

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Vehicle registration enquiries

Telephone: 0300 790 6802
Textphone: 18001 0300 123 1279
Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm
Saturday, 8am to 2pm
Fax: 0300 123 0798
Find out about call charges

Use the email service to contact DVLA about vehicle registration.

You can also write to DVLA.

Vehicle customer services
SA99 1AR

Fill in boxes


you might want to miss off 18 and 17

17 you need to get off the MOT Brake testing machine but he puts that online anyhow but you can miss it off i think.

18 number of seats. You can also miss this off and most landies don't have it listed.

its all a bit hit an miss and random but mine got through with this. I also ticked the RHD box i think.

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Straight through the MOT no advisories. Being a 3.5 ton gross weight (and going to be registered as a camper) means it gets a standard MOT apparently.

Shame they've documented it as a 110 though.....

I've called the DVLA (twice today, so helpful) who say its not an issue providing the VIN number is right and the MOD654 lists it correctly.

Neill, when you sent your insurance note off, did it have the VIN number listed on it?? My insurance certificate only lists my name.

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The v55 will take a few weeks to come ! WEEKS !

The tax is same as a nomal landy. Mine is 3800kg though so its PivateHGV although still a class 4 as its a camper and the tax is less becuase of this. Theres no way to have a 3800 as anything else but a camper without a world of pain.

yes i've considered the uprated bar and its on the list of things to try. the weight in the back is all gone now so its sitting higher. Eventually i will get one but i do like to keep everything standard.

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RE the V55. I've ordered 1 via the online request and 1 from the call centre.

I'm in no rush for it, I still have the old camper so no plans to use it till its camper converted next year (ish).

This looks like a serious bit of kit but no idea if its actually heavier duty than the standard bar.


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The x eng one is for extreme articulation so its not really the correct thing here but it would worked locked in the way you want.

I'd just get a stiffer normal one. Extreme4x4 make a 28mm one.

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Bear in mind the X-Eng bar uses a free wheeling hub for it's lock/unlock ability. This may be a difficult part to get if you break it in the middle of nowhere .....

exactly the reason one isn't going on mine but the free wheeeling hub is a standard landy part according to the forums RTC8163

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If you never want to unlock it you could replace the FWH with a standard drive flange surely?

Although as a fellow ambulance owner I'm not convinced a stiffer ARB is the answer, there comes a point where the bar is doing all it can & the "roll" is then down to the tyres flexing or it trying to lift a wheel, both of which IMHO are worse than it rocking on the springs with all four wheels still on the ground :ph34r:

A bit of offset on the wheels might be more beneficial, perhaps (and this goes against my general dislike of them) some moderate amount of wheel spacer (say, 10mm) to widen the track a little?

Also, it's a TDi, how fast can it possibly be cornering? :SVA go away::stirthepot:

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The body roll is really noticeable, even slow speed maneuvers result in hilarious amounts of body roll. It just didn't feel overly 'safe'. I think the bulk of the roll is in the suspension rather than tyres but you make an interesting point.

Is there any opinion on spacers? I'm normally VERY anti wheel spacers, there's some serious weight in one of these.

Foundry got back to me and confirmed it will fit so once i've got the thing on the road properly i'll give it some serious thought.

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The laws of physics kinda dictate that a huge tall double-skinned box is going to roll more than a standard LR made of single-skin ali, nothing you can do about that.

Ours has insanely stiff springs with helper springs on the rear too (it hops over speed bumps) fitted by the PO so perhaps they help the roll a bit (but they're definitely too stiff for a proper ride), I guess Pulse ambulances ones being wider will roll more than the older style.

I find it actually makes the stability worse, especially off-road, as rather than smoothly rolling over obstacles it kinda "hops" or "jumps" which then makes the whole thing rock and feel less sure-footed, more like it's going to cock a wheel & tip than just flexing the suspension.

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