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2.5Td exhaust manifold on a 2/300Tdi?

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Is it possible?

Googling helped as far as telling me that on a 200 the bolt holes were out and needed fettling, but what about fitting on a 300?

And does the ladder frame stay on if swapping to the TD flywheel housing?

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There was a Danish website once that showed the use of a TD manifold and turbo on a 200tdi disco engine - no need to change the flywheel housing as they bolt straight up to the LT77. I cant find the website at the moment though.

I don't know about the 300tdi, but I think folks use the 200 flywheel housing on 300 engines in order to bolt them up to an LT77 if that is any help?

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A 300 manifold fits a 200 so no a td won't fit (but a 300 manifold and turbo gives you more room for the exhaust though the engine mount may cause fun).

Why do you need the td flywheel housing if your fitting a disco 200tdi to a 90/110 lt77 then you just need to countersink 4 holes and fit countersunk bolts (the ones the long bolts go through on a disco). Also you may need to tap 3 or 4 drillings in the flywheel housing to move the studs to the correct position. Failing that you could bodge it like a lot of people do and not bother with any of the above and just leave the bolts out!


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