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BMW 2.8 Conversion kit.


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Looks good value, I presume it requires gearbox disassembly given the input shaft in one of the pictures?

Also need to have an R380 box already, no LT77 option I assume?

(translate is a bit hit and miss on FB!)

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Is there any option for an open access page? I'm not on Facebook and it requires a login.

Had one of these engines in a BMW and it was a really nice motor, so would be very interested in something like this in the future.

One thing folks have mentioned when talking about the 2.8 in a defender is how suited the torque curve is etc. Any thoughts on this from those with more knowledge than I?

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Sorry Bowie, just goes to show my Dutch is getting that much better!

I have asked as I currently have an Lt77 but an upgrade? To an R380 is always an option as plenty available from D2s!!

I guess, if the difference is the input shaft and that needs changing anyway, then an r380 from a disco is an 'easy' option.

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So, the kit has:

- A modified bellhousing. From the pics I'd say the engine side half of a P38 bellhousing has been re-cast?

- Used dual mass flywheel (new available for more money)

- New clutch set

- New input shaft for use with a diesel R380

- New clutch cylinder + shaft

- Custom made clutch hose

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I would suggest that you could get most of the bits from a P38 diesel manual . The bell housing looks the same , dual mass and clutch

would probably be same , as M51 diesel bolts upto the bellhousing as does the M57 . The P38 input shaft is probably where that input shaft came from as that would be right length for the bellhousing . Not 100% sure but BMW like land-rover tend to utilise parts across several models. Does the 2.8i manual have a DMF originally being a petrol engine ?

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