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PAS goes heavy after puddles

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Alternatively to buying a new belt, you can use some belt dressing agent to coat it - giving it increased grip. However as this stuff is usually more spendy than a 2quid belt i wouldnt bother

vv EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TIP (not recommended unless you dont enjoy having all your digits) vv

And for those on a budget of zero, i have in the past (at work when a new belt was unavailable) gently rubbed a fairly smooth file against the side of the v belt while the engine is running, be careful not to contact the fan or other belts too had as files and snapped belts can cause mild discomfort when they hit you in the face at speed :angry:


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I know this is well after the original post but I've only just seen it!

I used to have this problem a couple of years ago with my 200TDi, but the belt tension always appeared fine so I was a bit flummoxed! Anyway when the water pump failed & we went to replace the belts at the same time, we noticed that there was an awful lot of end float on the power stering pump!

Basically the pump was about knackered as a result, but the result of water was that it tended to cause the shaft & pulley to move forward which caused the belt to get out of line and the steering to go almost solid. Since replacing the pump, there has been absolutely no problem whatsoever, well until now as the box is on it's way out, but that's Land Rovers for you!!!

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