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Transfer box numbers


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Not sure if I have put this in the correct place ?

Simple question, I hope ,how do I identify what ratio a transfer box is ?,I am having a scrap out ,again ,and appear to have at least half a dozen lt230 transfer boxes and I would like to identify what they are ,I know I should of labelled em when I put em away but I didn't ,I can see an id number on one of the casings but not on the others ,can anybody help please .Also is there any companies that buy them for rebuilds ,Ashcroft or someone like that ?

Cheers ,James

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From: http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=45

LT 230 Ratios

12D = 1.667

13D = 1.410

14D = 1.003

15D = 1.192

20D = 1.667

21D = 1.667

22D = 1.410

25D = 1.410

26D = 1.003

27D = 1.192

28D = 1.222

29D = 1.192

32D = 1.222

36D = 1.211

37D = 1.211

38D = 1.211

40D = 1.211

41D= 1.211

43D = 1.410

47D = 1.667

57D = 1.410

59D = 1.211

61D = 1.211

62D = 1.211

68D = 1.211

69D = 1.211

70D = 1.211

80D = 1.211

81D = 1.211

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It's till possible. I've looked and looked and looked at it and I'm sure it's 28, the label appears correct on it though, 1.192


the web list is a simplified version :

28D, sx B = 1.192

28D sx C to 308626E = 1.222

28D309143E to 551442F = 1.208

the above was then superceeded by the 36D in the disco 1's which were 1.211 (Q gears)

differences were tooth pressure angles and tooth count and tooth width, all changes were to reduce noise, the 1.211 (also used in the D2's and TDCi defenders) are the quietest but also have the weakest teeth as the teeth are smaller as there are so many more of them than the earlier ratios,



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I just got my hands on a LT230. It has the following serial number: 36D667628G.

 I suspect is a 1.211 ratio and it is a Q box (T design with more silent gears).


Can any help on when it was produced?

What vehicle it was fitted to?

Any things to be aware of on this transfer case?

Any other relevant info.?


Thanks Rasmus

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