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OT: Tabbert caravan parts.


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A little OT but it's pulled by the landrovers and was bought to camp at trials.

We bought a tabbert for its size build quality and ultimately value for money, however spare parts seem rather expensive and even more elusive.

I have found mb caravans and the caravan parts store but has anyone else had to buy spares for these or deals in parts?

I'm looking for a door lock mech, main skylight (possibly a heiki 2), window blinds and catches.

Thanks, Will.


Ps. If anyone has any old batteries they want rid of or a new drive just send me a message.....

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The roof lights etc are often made by a 3rd party like dometic regardless of caravan make so take the inside cover off if you need a part and look for a label.

There's a place in Hull that deals in spare parts and sometimes buys up parts for out of production caravans etc, I can't remember their name but I'm sure Google will help!

There's a place near Drax that buys and sells insurance write off caravans too but I can't remember their name either :/

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I shall Google!

Only issue is due to Mother Nature I don't have a lid to look at for part numbers...


True to say, caravan makers only make the body and sometimes the chassis of the caravan, the rest will all be off the shelf stuff. I guess with the measurements of the hole you will find a suitable rooflight...


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I would try Leeds Caravan centre, had a few bits from there for my hobby. Seitz are one make for blinds

If it heiki could use standard window catches

Also would get some security as like defenders they like to be stolen.

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That is a big van. Reminds me of the one on this video...

A few days ago, I saw a Nissan Micra on the M4 towing a transporter trailer with a Daihatsu Sportrack on the back. I wouldn't have thought you could even fit a tow bar to a Micra - never mind being stupid enough to tow something like that! I decided to leave it a long way behind me! I went though my dash-cam footage when I got home - but you can barely see it as it was in the opposite lane (I wasn't going anywhere near it!).


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A friend bought a jetski off ebay then realised his honda typre r something or other wasn't approved for towing so he bought a corsa none turbo diesel for jet ski towing purely as it was the first car he happened across that was a few hundred quid and had a towbar. We then trekked all the way from S****horpe to Porthmadog to collect this jet ski on possibly the hottest day of the year in a car that could only manage about 30mph on any bit of the M62 that was any steeper than completely flat with no AC. I was seriously tempted to get out and walk. Only good thing about it was it only used about 5 pence in diesel there any back.

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