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Sun visors and new headlining

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Hi Folks,

Fitted new headlining to my 1996 Defender 110 CSW 300Tdi

However, after the refit, seems the sun visors now interfere with the rear view mirror when moving up and down.

Please could you take a look at the attached image and double check I've fitted them in the correct orientation.

Assuming that it is screw, retainer washer, washer, sun visor mount then headlining.

Many Thanks,


P.S. See article here if interested.


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The visors happen to be upside down (e.g. wrong sides). The strip for holding documents is normally on the top side.

Although I can't see how how swapping them over would change the interference with the mirror. Does the notch not clear the mirror because they swing too low or it overlaps sideways?

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I think you have them on the wrong sides, thus the wrong way up. I'm sure I did this a while ago on a rebuild and when you take them off and adjust the hinges so that the document holding band is on the top side of the parked visor, it all works out correctly.

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Thanks folks. Will have a play (swap) with them this evening and let you know how it goes.

With respect to the sunroof rubber, interesting tip. Will bear that in mind in case ever need it down again. Really was trying to be perhaps overly gentle with it.

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