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Bowler Motorsport brakes (Alcon) for new Defender

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What are you finding wrong with the brakes? Spongy pedal? Excess pedal travel? Or are you actually running-out of brakes due to 'cooking' them??

My 15-year-old 90TD5 needs new front discs/pads every 15,000 miles or so and rears every 25,000 miles. Discs warp, and pads smoke/crumble, when you regularly go full-bore between the endless chains of roundabouts in Milton Keynes with 3/4 of a ton of logs in the back....

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I don't have experience of the defender specific Alcon kit, but have lots of experience of Alcon kits on armoured vehicles. The bells, rotors and calipers are generally of excellent quality and provide good service. We have encountered problems with the copper rivets used to secure the friction material to the backing plates wearing the surface of the rotor. Apparently this is due to insufficient heat generated by normal road use braking not melting/weakening the rivets, in full race use the pads get hot enough that the copper rivets break down with the friction material rather than wearing the rotor face. For this reason I would look carefully at whether your use is correct for the pad type if the defender kit uses copper rivets. Also be aware that the pads and rotors are pricey 


Personally I would suggest you try a standard replacement aftermarket pad first to see if that provides the stopping power you need. We have had many years of success using EBC pads in many hundreds of vehicles, I'm certain EBC will do a pad to suit Defender. I'd try Yellow or Green compound pads

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