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Spring Compressors


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I want to renew the springs and shocks on my 90 and my mates disco, can anyone recommend a good spring compressor?

I was thinking of the Difflock ones because they have wide fingers to grip the spring and they looked well made when compared to others.


What are the pannels thoughts. :)


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Martin, if you do get those ones, just be aware that if they're like the ones I have (& they certainly look like it) as you tighten them, you get the threaded piece protruding from the top clamp & depending on the application this can lead to clearance probs. This possibly isn't a hassle with Land Rover applications but on ordinary cars (which some of us own & work on too ;) ) it is a right bu66er. I solved this by reversing the clamps which is quite a bit of work, but it might be worth trying to find one that works the other way ( don't know if there is such a thing :( ?)


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Especially if you have longer than std springs I would recommend you get a cheap set from Halfrauds or equivalent.

It is much quicker and safer as well.

Not sure about the safer bit.

Doing it without the compressors has no stored energy, just use a jack to lower the axle until it's loose.

Doing it with cheap spring compressors, the spring energy is held in check by the tool.

Cheap tool bends well with car springs, what will it do with LR springs?

Quicker? how long does it take you to wind the bolt that far?

Then how do you undo the bolt once it bends on a cheap tool?

Personally I'd see if I can do it without the tool. :)

Remeber to take the caliper bolts out and tie them up out of the way to protect the brake pipes.

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I have a draper set:


Which although basic & pretty cheap, work very well. Although there is a lot of stored energy, that has to be weighed against the vehicle being lifted with a hiLift or similar to get enough separation. It makes the job quick easy & simple.


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