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  1. My fat angry fingers got the better of me lol
  2. Small update on the subject Do not buy these if you have THICK flanges. my rear axle runs thin flanges so no problem there. my front axle has thick flanges which is where the problems begin. KAM made a spacer ring(KAM102) to convert their flanges to a thick flange, they no longer make this and allmakes (who now seem to have bought the rights to a lot of KAMs products) do not wish to take up manufacture of them. KAM aftercare: non existent but thin flanges.....can't fault them so far, fit The splines nicely, nice snug fit in the hub hub nut spins on beautifully with one finger. Overall verdict unless you want 10 bolts going into your hub, just get Ashcroft
  3. Island 4x4 are the worst vender I have used for a long while. Communication is non existent and I'm still waiting for the money to replace pars* they lost. I would rather make an order with paddoks over the phone than use island 4x4 again!
  4. Ah, the impression I got from your site is that there were sold singularly. Shame as everything I have had from Ashcroft has been spot on so I have delved into the unknown needlessly
  5. Spoken like a true salesman I like it a lot and am in right in saying it's cheaper than the GP80? Having a modular winch like that in any configuration for one price will almost bring one into my price range lol imnpretty sure the main shafts are made by quaife so I assume the new gears are also made there, at least you know there made properly
  6. I diddnt realise that, the ad states you can drill the extra 5 holes for "maximum strength". i suppose there is nothing stopping that really and it has been done. So are the 2 flanges on a different pcd or different bolt size?
  7. Thanks guys, I went for KAM ones in the end as they seem to be a good all rounder with the o ring. Would love the Ashcroft flanges as the quality is second to none but can't justify £108 a corner when I got the KAM ones for £150 for all 4. The 10 bolt design is also intreaguing.... thanks for the heads heads up on the raptor flanges, that would have made me very angry very quickly! And im a firm believer of buy cheap buy twice but I think KAM have a fairly decent reputation?
  8. After pulling my shafts to fit the Detroit locker I caught a peep of what was behind my drive flanges.....I quickly put every thing back together pretending I diddnt see anything! now the time has come to do something about it. im in the proses of buying new bearings, discs and pads but am curious about these HD flanges, not for the HD part but for the spin on cap that should hopefully prevent nastiness from creeping in. Are they as water tight as they look or are they just something shiny? are there any brands to look for or avoid? I'm leaning towards the KAM ones at the moment but there are raptor ones and terrafirma(urghh) or should I just stop messing around and get Ashcroft?
  9. Don't ask him about the spade he has locked in the shed
  10. Why not use the disco and build a 100" trayback with the defender body instead of trying to make A mish mash of nonsense
  11. I've heard of this mod but couldn't find anything about it. How is it done? Is there a seal between the cv and axle tube that is removed and you put extra oil in through the diff?
  12. The 752 spring is rated to about 200lbs which is too light. Yours are probibly the 270/420 progressive splints. I have standard rate springs on the back of my truck at 330 lbs and find it rides fine....but mine is a truck cab and lifted at the front i have some 755s for sale which are rated at 300lbs but are an inch taller but might be worth a go i lifted the front of mine to level it out but as I say mine is a truck cab and has a v8 at the front so weighs totally different front to rear compared to yours
  13. 33 12.50 r15 bfgs on my 110. They came on the truck at standard height and fit fine. You will want wheel spacers or a -32 offset rim to retain steering lock they do throw a bit of mud about. There is usually a nice lump inside the cab where it gets thrown up during footy down time while steering. I like them though. Well behaved on the road and really good Offroad when you air them down a little
  14. It can work off of the coil or alternator