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  1. The hub flange is leaking?
  2. It does make a difference but don't expect it to last if you Offroad a lot, this was after 2 outings on v8 manifolds. If you do chose to use it wear gloves and tape your sleeves to them, the fibres get everywhere
  3. Does anyone have any experience with these? I have just bought some and am not sure if there are parts missing or if I have to make another subframe for the seat. All images seem to have been disappeared with their site
  4. You have clearly never called paddoks
  5. Hate to be the barer of bad news but I think it will be a long wait. Paddoks costomer care with regards to refunds is terrible. They ignored my emails and when I eventually got through on the phone the only thing that got them to shift was me offering to come up and sort it. i really do hope that they deal with this quickly and the way they should. Best of luck
  6. Ram air in that application will do bugger all anyway when you have a 3" long square inlet and a 100° angle straight afterwards. Your ram air lasts 3" then essentially hits a wall where the engine then takes over as normal your air filter may last longer as your not sucking air near a wheel arch anymore
  7. Rotate the trigger wheel or entire pulley? I have set it almost perfectly to the 5th tooth while the pulpy is at tdc to its factory(correct) marks
  8. Can digi readout effect the strobe? So am i advancing the timing in the right place? Should it be with trim or fixed?
  9. It's an accuspark sp8000
  10. Basic issue I know but I'm getting nowhere I have used a piston stop tool to find TDC and to my surprise both marks are evenly spaced between the TDC mark on the pulley. So I'm now struggling to see why I need so much advance on my spark settings the guy who looked at it first "aligned" the triggerwheel and pulley TDC in megatune but it never ran right after he messed with it. From his adjustment I kept advancing until it detted(it never did) but I've got to 30° and thought I should re evaluate. im now using tuner studioMS which I find is a bit more user friendly and this is what my baisic spark settings look like (forgive the phone photo, my laptop isn't connected to a network) now he has set it with the FIXED ANGLE setting which is where I have kept going from but a read up on various timing posts suggests that I should be advancing TRIM ANGLE however when I do this it will not rev as nicely and the temp creeps up like it has severely retarded timing. The timing light is absolutly no help at the moment as I say, if I set it to 8° BTDC it doesn't want to run right. Is this because I should be setting TRIM and not FIXED ANGLE? pic of the spark table if it helps
  11. I Ecco the words of maverik, the induction hose available is absolute trash! Cheers for the link mav you have saved me a headache there
  12. There all the same really. Then it if pipe between the wing and the air intake might be a bit different that is all
  13. You can get a disk braked sailsbury dirt cheap. Just make sure you get the prop too
  14. CHEAP STRONG LAND ROVER you can only pick 2 cheap and strong won't be landrover landrover and cheap won't be strong...you get the idea Is it a road car? if not there is another option; a hybrid sailsbury with D2 ends. This would add to headaches while getting it made but when done would be a really strong axle
  15. It is a much bigger CV and better steering lock