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  1. "I say Cedric, what's this old eggcup thingy stuck in the back corner of the store cupboard? I opened it to have a peep, & a lot of old dust fell out" "In that case Tarquin, chuck it on E-bay". The Oz Test Squad has also been sorted out. Some surprises & some not so surprises. I see Warnie's supposed to have had his todger in the wrong place again the night before his duck. Was this a ploy by the English team & was she a plant?
  2. I'm not sure that is a good choice of words when referring to shipping containers.
  3. .................. & you expect us to fly on Airbuses that you work on? CRIPES!
  4. We are not ALL Sir Les Patersons (AKA Dame Edna) Steve. Watched them on FOXTEL Sports & SBS with the odd ad, but what can you do?
  5. ............ but as you know, Steve, they don't need Light Meters down our way & that held up play. I thought both Umps did a wonderful job & made some crack decisions which, while they initially looked wrong, were substantiated by the cameras. So, many great calls. 96 mph balls!
  6. Yes they are (well they never left the U.K. anyway just a replica) but it was a great Test Series & the Cricket Board & Sports Stores must be very pleased. 60 Quid & upwards for a Day Ticket & there were 22,000 in the ground each day. They'll have more than enough to dismantle that hideous coathanger stand now. What a blot on the landscape that is? Fantastic batting by Pieterson was great to watch, in fact all the Matches were. Next time, you lot will be on our home turf where the sun shines all day & the Umps haven't a clue what a Light Meter is. Good onyer England you deserved the win. B)
  7. But don't I keep reading that the 'green forum' is slowly evolving to a new format, either by an upgrade or change of server? It is not finished yet, K2.
  8. Please listen to Deano. A lot aren't.
  9. Send it over & I'll do a nice Eye Splice in it for you.
  10. Why though? The last time you had a bat, ball & stumps you burnt them. Much safer in Oz's posession, except they never actually are. It's a good job we trust you lot to look after them for us every Series, until we get to see them again. B)
  11. The wheel turns slowly & things change. Cripes! That's filo. fillow, philosophical for me . Well we've had them since '89 so 15 years ain't too bad. (Assuming we lose them, which we won't of course.) B)
  12. ................ & the Oz Women's Test Team lost their 'Ashes' as well. But our Snakes & Ladders Team is on top though.
  13. As Roger said, & it would have charged a bank of batteries for the radio gear. They usually sat under the radio stuff, although I understand some had side lockers with slide out batteries.
  14. Melbourne? He'd have to be a Greek. Say no more.
  15. But what will the Greenies say? Ok, him as well.
  16. Welcome back, Paul. Glad whatever it was/is, is ok. Although you're probably asleep already to read this. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  17. Besides, the Ross River Fever Mozzie would kill it. The 'Aussie Salute' is mainly reserved for Bush Flies only, Niall.
  18. Welcome hiline. Any mate of Cols is mate of this Forum.
  19. JT's addy is ok, as I have mailed him stuff & he has always replied promptly. Fwiw.
  20. Not good. It was found during tests in Oz (& maybe in the UK) that during Winter, too many drivers shut off the Fresh Air makeup resulting in a lack of oxygen after covering a reasonable distance. If this is done, then the system should be put back to Fresh Air for a few minutes every now & then. It was found that not doing this caused sleepiness & accidents especially on country roads & long trips. Makes one wonder if some sort of Auto Timer should be introduced to operate the flaps.
  21. Something to do with "Law of Averages" I'd reckon, Mark.
  22. All the above is fine, but always presuming it was Mr. Verdigris that penned or authourised that Bon Voyage message. It was signed "Forum Administrator".
  23. Maybe Col got it wrong. Just hope Paul is not having his hemorroids fixed up. Still want pics. Rick?
  24. But I will take flowers & a box of Lindt Chocolates. I am considerate, if nothing else.
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