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  1. So.. disco 1 300tdi manual, owned for years no problems. couple of months ago, it died, no warning. Restarted immediately no issue. bit strange but nothing obvious. then, 1 week later, same trip, same again. flicked the starter and it refired before we stopped. 6 days later..... and again.... Always within 10 minutes of starting, so cold. 1/2 tank of fuel usually kept so not low fuel issues. filters checked, replaced, nothing found. another week later, different trip but still within 10 mins, died and was reluctant to restart, but it did after a couple of mins. and again today, as above but this time more reluctant to restart, turns over doesnt fire. waited a minute or so and restarts no prob. stop solenoid seems ok, believe spider bypass fitted years ago. lift pump issue? if so why so intermittant? ideas anyone... please!
  2. Tractorman

    Bearmach - quality bearings?

    I understand that. However if you by a bearmach swivel seal "kit" there is only 1 option for a '96 300tdi. It doesnt specify bearing brand or state origin . I originally bought the bearmach kit after reading on here how much superior it was compared to the little blue boxes. Brand supplied is NWB which is uk based importer, know nothing about them. Don't know whether to bin them or use them...
  3. Tractorman

    Bearmach - quality bearings?

    Just bought another swivel kit from Bearmach, only to find the bearings proudly showing "Made in China"... (and the swivel pin from India) I know there are "good" and "Bad" chinese stuff, but I I've bought Bearmach bearings in the past and usually expect quality brands. Is this a move downmarket or is it a quality part? Any thoughts?
  4. Tractorman

    Best Swivels?

    Normally I wouldnt go with Britpart for serious stuff, but they claim to be the current OEM supplier to LR since the original chrome hub stopped production. I have seen pictures of breakages of both Bearmach and Britpart hubs and I know many think they are weaker than the originals.... However as this is the only choice there is no other option. There is a considerable price difference between the Britpart and Bearmach housing for what may actually be the identical part. I want to use the best but not feel ripped off. Currently leaning to Britpart swivel housing with a Bearmach seal kit...
  5. Tractorman

    Best Swivels?

    Getting confused about the choice of swivel housings available, Paddocks list 2 - the teflon "oem" part which is apparently a britpart item? and a different one in their "kit", which isn't teflon coated, then there are 2 different ones available from Bearmach, but at much higher prices. are the Bearmach swivels really better?
  6. Tractorman

    300tdi CV issue?

    It does sound exactly like something stuck in the wheel, but it stops if you lift off the power. No obvious play in the wheel bearings. Will try the CV and see if it stops.
  7. Tractorman

    300tdi CV issue?

    My 300tdi has developed a knock on the front axle, o/s I think. It is fairly constant, 1 knock for a wheel revolution, worse straight ahead under load and much less without power. Doesn't change with cornering. I'm assuming its the cv joint but could it be anything else?
  8. Tractorman

    300tdi revs dropping to 1500rpm

    collapsing hoses or oil build up in the intercooler , drains to the bottom and restricts airflow. Run it with the bonnet up and watch the intercooler hoses if they start to collapse
  9. Tractorman

    Disco 300 Tdi battery

    put one of these on mine, never looked back, Will easily start without heater plugs even after standing a couple of months. seems to turn it over forever if it has to. https://www.tayna.co.uk/Enduroline-CXV-X-1000-Battery-P9008.html
  10. Tractorman

    200 tdi engine in my 110

    The brake vacuum pump gives a good knock when its on its way out, would get faster with engine speed
  11. Tractorman

    300tdi downpipe problem

    Fitting a new rigid downpipe to a straight through system and having a couple of issues... back box and straight through pipe fitted and sitting well, new downpipe a PITA.. holes on the mounting flange were too small and needed redrilling, now fitted but sits about 2 inches to the left of the centre pipe. is this a bad downpipe or does the centre section flex that much to join up? if so would seem to put a lot of stress on the manifold? I think the flange is welded on wrong, but would like to know if anyone else has had problems??
  12. Tractorman

    300tdi - intercooler air hose collapse

    it was both top hoses, but I can't get it to do it again, even if its hot or under load. That's what I can't understand.
  13. strange fault on my 300tdi . Short run around town, parked up, restarted and would only tickover. no power, wouldnt rev at all. Left it running and popped the bonnet, only to see the rubber hoses on the intercooler collapsed. turned off and restarted - everything ok again, hoses looked fine. So, something was restricting the airflow, but cleared. Hasn't come back since anyone had anything similar? airfilter clean, no obvious restriction there. Anything I should be looking for?
  14. Tractorman

    Door lock

    I thought about bending the rods but then I might make it worse..! I wondered about trying to add another spring to pull down on the latch arms but would really like to work out why its not right. Its only out by a few mm but seems that's all it takes
  15. Tractorman

    Door lock

    I spent a silly amount of time replacing the broken lock spring in my disco 300tdi, got it all back together, eventually in the right order... and it still doesn't work. Everything works fine but you still need to put turn the key/lift the button to open the door, just like when the spring has broken. I stripped off the door card again but can't see any faults, just that the mech doesn't pull down far enough. Can't get an mot until the door lock works as it should... anyone any ideas??

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