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Tungsten Tip Tig - ageing

Team Idris

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I was really struggling to get the TIG welder to start up an arc and to re-start at the end of a weld. My boss came and had a go with it and said it felt like the high frequency wasn't working at startup and was failing intermittently during the run. It had a white tip in at the time, so after much fiddling with the controls we tried the red tip tungsten. It was instantly a completely different welder and back to its normal self. We have to conclude that the two year old tungsten tip had gone bad. We never have this problem at work because they are regularly worn away. But if you are struggling, then give it a shot !

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All sorts of power on this white one. It just became reluctant to weld? Re-profiling and body sanding wasn't bringing it back to health. I could snap it in half as a test,  but I figure it probably is stuffed. 

To cut the story short I was struggling so much welding up the Beasts new inner wing that I didn't want to wreck the new walking stick on the last stage, so Daz came to help me out.

He is so neat I wouldn't dare sand the welds back :)

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i only just got the splitter tap so I only piped it to the bottle when I had to :P

hinking on it though, it hasn't done enough to warrant it's cost, but it opens up so many avenues. The new ally walking stick with dragons on the side is mint !

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Yes, of course :) I am happy to oblige!






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