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Where do you get your timing belt and gasket kits


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Dayco supply landrover, as do Gates, so either would be fine... Dayco and Gates are both huge belt and drive system manufacturers and are of superb quality...

i would go to Bearmach, if you buy from Paddocks, make sure you don't end up with britpart stuff as its usually carp.

hope this helps.


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I got a kit from MM4x4 last week when Les did mine (as Bearmach was out of stock) - it was cheaper than Bearmach but also short some of the parts which are best (but don't have to be) replaced, so probably not recommended. Don't know what make of parts were supplied as I had it delivered direct to Les.

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As Ciderman said, give Pete a ring. He's in Bristol but he'll post stuff and the customer service is second to none.

I bought a speedo cable and it broke a week later. I'd may have installed it badly (did it in the dark, I probably left a tight curve in there somewhere) but when I went back to buy another, he remembered I'd bought one recently and wouldn't let me pay.

Just one example of five years of outstanding service for me. My parents live 10 miles from DLS/Paddock and I'm driving past Craddocks on the way home to do my cylinder head gasket at Christmas, but I still get the parts from Pete.

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Yes ! It has to be said that Pete Davis from Christian Autos is a local star in the Land Rover community.

He also delivers within a 5 mile radius of his shop .

He seems to have the know how on what bits you need when you tell him what job your doing , he knows every gasket ,clip,fastner that you could possibly need .

I just wish you could park any where near his shop, Its a nightmare .

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