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200 tdi crank timing belt crank cog removal


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Try giving it a tap with a copper hammer/wood back ON to the crank. This may break the muck/misplaced Loctite holding it in and allow it to be removed. Do not hit it hard. As said, there is nowt holding it there and it should come off easily, mine did and IIRC Bish's did too.


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I have tried levering as much as i dare, lots of penetrating oil over a couple of days, hitting with a mallett and a little heat but to no avail so far - looks like i might have to get the timing kit and puller from difflock <_<

the threads are M6 or M5 can't remember off hand but is definatly metric i made a puller using a bit of plate a nut and blot through the middle to push on the crank bolt but it still took 3 hours to get it off so don't expect it to be a quick job :blink:


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I'm pretty sure it's M5 coarse thread, although Tonk will say different. :D. A puller is quite easy to make with a bar, 2x6mm holes through it, and then a couple of long bolts. Just turn each one progressively and hit the plate or bar with a hammer to shock the sprocket into moving. If the bolts feel looser after hitting the bar with a hammer, then you know it's moving.

Les. :)

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