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3.5 + Thor -> 4.6 + Thor


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Morning All,

I'm hoping to (finally) get round to swapping the 3.5 in my 110 to the 4.6 I've had in the shed for yonks over the christmas period. I'm busy making a shopping list of stuff I'm going to need (mainly from Fridge's swap thread) so I can get everything ready as sourcing parts may be a bit tougher while everyone is on hols... 

I've already got MS2 + EDIS fully working with a thor inlet, so that side of things should be reasonably straightforwards, and the new lump has the crank triggers etc. So far my shopping list consists of:

Oil filters + break in oil

19mm hose x lots for making the various water hoses up

New engine mounts, for while it's out.

injector seals for when the fuel rails get swapped over. 16 x Seal - Fuel Injector - ERR7309 - Genuine

1870mm 7-vee serp belt (not using aircon)

Some way of bodging the PAS pipes together :) Anyone know what the threads are so I can source the right compression fittings?

I've got a remote oil filter + cooler so hopefully that will swap straight across..


Anything else I'm missing? :)

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The new end was 3/8" BSP I think as the pipe is a gnat's pube under 10mm, not sure what the PAS box ends are as mine's a D2 box, but the stock PAs box pipe thread has been well documented on here by others.

Oh and from personal experience you WILL need to get the high-pressure line swaged up by an adult at the hydraulics shop, 1500+PSI is not to be sniffed at and will find its way past anything that's not pukka.

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