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Defender middle seat project

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Wondering if we have enough collective wisdom and ability here to design a better middle seat for our Defenders?

My thinking is....
I have a 1991 3 door Hardtop 110. I like having the middle seat as then I can take 2 people with me. I had replaced it with a cubby box, but it was in the way a lot, mean't I could only have 1 passenger, is a magnet for thieves etc However the middle seat doesn't do much if not being sat in, and the back doesn't tilt forward so the space behind the seat is kind of 'dead'.

What would be great is if it folded forward with a firm push and provided:
-  an arm rest on the back along each side (velcro for removability?)
- either various storage pouches like a camera bag (below) with a quick cover for when you folded it back
- or space for a day pack to clip into place (idea being when you leave the Landy you just unclip and remove all of your valuables with ease rather than gathering them up etc)
- or Velcroable modules, either open or closed, to suit each tastes that stick on or off

up = normal middle seat
down = arm rest, storage holders or day pack

I assume you'd need:
- some inline hinges on the frame that stay firm over time to achieve a easy push/pull activation
- shorten the back rest so it doesn't interfere with the Transfer Box when folded forward
- understand the legality of changing it(?)

Any further thoughts welcome....


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I'd always thought something like the centre seat in a Vivaro would be good. It has some storage in the seat back when folded down and can be used as an armrest. There must be a van with a similar arrangement that doesn't have the two passenger seats as one unit that you could use.


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I can't see it being difficult to adapt a standard Defender front middle seat to have its back fold and to have attachment points for a pack similar to those in the photos that gives you storage in both positions and has the additional advantage of being removable, a bit like the early Discovery's.

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