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Front NS light loom potential chaf point

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Hi Folks,

Have been running some new separate electrical cables for the front headlights on my 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi. Upgrading with dedicated relays and new cable runs. Will post a link to blog on then once finished.

However, when feeding the new loom (in conduit) from behind the heater and across the inside top of the NS wheel arch, noticed that the tape protecting the original cables had taken some abuse. That said, not enough to damage the cables (yet).

Thought it would be worth posting this since trying to figure out these sort of electric problems can be tricky and this might be a common failure point longer term.

To ensure indicator and side light cables not going to be at risk, have decided to cover this portion of the original loom with split conduit.




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This was a continuing problem with all 90s and 110s.  It was the subject of a Workshop directive or amendment or whatever the term is, a step down from a recall.  My wife's 2009 90 (bought through LR Approved, so should have been checked) had fretting in that part of the loom when she collected it from Nottingham, which resulted in the horn sounding continuously when the head lights were switched on.

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