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Won't fire

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Hi all 


Generally a search of old topics helps me no end but this time I'm having no luck so hopefully this post will help me. 

I have a 300tdi 110 that's been sitting for 5 years, and I'm restoring her. But I just can't get her to run. 

I've replaced the lift pump, which was gone, and she's now getting fuel at the injectors. 

I've changed oil and filter (no bug)

fuel filter ( it's full)

tested the glow plugs (all reading 11v)

Ive bumped it and towed it in 5th, but no luck, I had hoped that that would free up any 'seized' bits. 

The Battery is perfect,

I can 'move/drive' it while in gear on the stater motor alone, so I don't think that's dead 

I've shot easy start into it and it coughs but won't keep going. 

It's trying hard to start it just won't go the final bit. 

Any suggestions??? 


Thanks a lot 


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Yeah. It ran fine - years ago lol.

 I've cracked the injectors again and there isnt much fuel there, but am I right in saying without the engine running it might'nt flow too much??

But it's just seems more and more like a fuel issue. But the lift pump is working!!  I'm very perplexed. 

Ive taken the spring out of the solenoid to by pass that and still no lock. 

Would it be the injector pump?? Is there a way of testing the injector pump? As that's too expensive to change without being sure it's not working 

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I have had a 300tdi that refused to start - it had been standing for some years. The fuel would be pressurised by lift pump if you cracked the inlet union on the pump, but couldn’t get any fuel to the injectors despite removing the stop solenoid plunger. Eventually traced it to the banjo bolt on back of pump where injector return and return line to tank is connected to the pump. I cracked this and the engine started instantly - there is a tiny hole in the banjo bolt and a filter gauze which vents any air trapped in pump back to tank; the hole had become blocked and the pump had an airlock, so try removing the banjo bolt and turning it over briefly.

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I've also had plenty of luck fiddling/checking/removing temporarily the return when restarting 'old' diesel engines. For all that high pressure stuff, it's amazing (to me) how easily a low-pressure blockage can stop an engine dead.

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It had me fooled for a while, couldn’t work out for the life of me why no fuel to injectors with stop solenoid plunger removed, yet masses of fuel pressure built up in injector pump where the lift pump had been compressing the air trapped in the pump. Literally cracked the return banjo bolt mentioned earlier which bled out the trapped air and it started instantly. I now clean the filter gauze / banjo bolt in acetone as part of service item. You can check bolt hole is clear by blowing down it.

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Thanks all for the help. 

I've cracked everything that could be cracked and it seems to help but still no joy. 

I can confirm fuel is getting into the engine from the injectors, but I'm getting very few drips from that return banjo. How much fuel should be moving back to the tank from that return pipe??

After lunch I'm going to work backwards from the return banjo and see if I can find where the fuel is flowing. Back at the exit of the injectors or somewhere along those joining pipes. 

It's very frustrating. It'll cough along for a minute sometimes but any accelerator and it cuts out instantly. 



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Hi again all.


I've spent the day trying to track down this problem but still no luck. 

I found a bit of goo blocking the tiny pin hole on the return banjo and cleared that up. It helped a bit but she still will only just about start, and then run really rough but only as long as I dont give it any gas. 

Im wondering now if there's build up of goo in the injectors. Would this cause these systems? 

Is there anyway to check working injectors without removing them?

And what about clearing them and the lines? Would a fuel additive clear them, especially considering its only barely ticking over?? 

Thanks so much for any suggestions 

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