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Rear discs

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My 110 Hcap (1984) has a seemingly original Salisbury rear axle and rather poor condition drum brakes (leaking and barely effective)

I reckon being able to stop is a handy feature in a vehicle  ...so I want to improve the rear brakes.

I was told (by someone who should know) that you can’t put disc brakes on a Salisbury axle ..so just replacing the drum brakes is the easiest plan (front brakes, pads, callipers are all new)

Can anyone confirm that you can’t (/realistically shouldn’t) put discs on a Salisbury rear axle and, assuming not, give me an idea of whether it’s ok to have most of the braking undertaken at the front (engine & discs) given that I won’t be putting anything especially heavy in the back.





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Thanks ... I guess the better garages (who are therefore busy) always prefer to minimise man hours on a job (so they can do more jobs with the same manpower and keep more customers happy)..while if I do it myself I can simply choose whatever suits me.


Hopefully it’ll be a sunny spring and summer for me to start to get to grips with stuff (including learning to weld!)




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Its about the last thing on my never ending list of things to do. Mine has well maintained drums that are properly adjusted amd they are fine in my experience and I drive it a lot and tow heavy trailers a fair amount too. 


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