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Engine Harness

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Bit I've been Dreading Electrics.
In the middle of wiring Harness, 300Tdi conversion. Plugged in at bulkhead run round and wired to starter , Then to Alternator, Not sure where the 2 browns go to left to right. 1 or 2, or both ??
I know the spade goes to 3.
Also in third pic there is another 3 wires . I believe they go to injection pump, sender and oil, but not sure which goes where. Colours have faded but looks like one is Brown/White, one Green this might have had a trace in it but cant tell anymore, the other is White which looks like maybe a Gray trace, or even Black.




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7 hours ago, steve b said:

By the look of the state of it you would be better to buy a new one from Autosparks , they are not a lot of money .

I second that, the fact the brown wire is cracking up means you're heading nicely towards a car fire in the future.

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Right that's Harness wired round to Starter motor then Alternator, will wire the others up to sender , oil light and Injection pump tomorrow.
Ive got a new Ignition barrel if I plug that in and turn the Key will it / should it turn over with what I've done so far ??

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