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Front brake line replacement

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1988, 110 2.5TD > 11L 200tdi.

I assume the fancy (Goodridge) lines are just the short Flexi sections in the wheel wells. Is there such a thing as a replacement for the longer hoses. Specifically, I need the long section from drivers wheel well to passenger side (passes under radiator) NRC7801. Is this available as a Flexi line (cos bending and fitting original looks like a blast!!)?


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Yes, the Goodrich hoses are just the short flexi at the axle ends and also between the rear axle & chassis.

If you don't want to make up your own brake-pipes then kits are available and should be obtainable over there (the Automec one gets good reviews). 

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Fitting a new brake pipe to a TD 110 with the body & engine fitted is a real pig of a job, it was difficult enough replacing the pipe while I was doing my chassis change while the body & engine were out. 

I'm sure David of Llama 4x4 would be able to advise & sell you the correct amount of flexy hose to replace the hard pipe. He will need to know the correct length & what end fittings you need.


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Thanks guys; Western you are right. A pig of a job now things are back in place. I have just ordered some copper nickel line, bender, flare tool etc for that long section. Apparently more forgiving and easier to bend to accomodate my usual assistant, my alter ego named  'Rage'. Into the wheel wells is the challenge. I figure 25' of tube will just about cover my patience level and I plan on mediating for a week before doing the job. I have a habit of turning the air a deep shade of blue early on!

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There is an alternative route on the 300tdis - it runs along the bulkhead, then down to the chassis leg. I have changed two in situ, it's easier than the one in the picture, though needs a bit of wrestling, but the OP's master cylinder my well be on that side anyway if it's LHD

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