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Winch Isolator

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I believe this is used to isolate my winches and whilst it works at the moment I don't like the rusty look of the terminals so I'm trying to work out what exactly it is? Can't seem to find anything quite like it anywhere.

Is this sort of thing a more modern equivalent? https://www.devon4x4.com/albright-su280-isolator-250a.html

IMG_7182 - Copy.JPG

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I use a Thompson solenoid to operate the winch  https://fourby.co.uk/500A-Winch-Solenio & one of these to isolate the 12v power, fitted in front face of the battery box, the key can be reached from my drivers seat.



that Albright isolator would do the job. 

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It looks like just a big relay (solenoid), so could be used to isolate the winch or battery. But as above I prefer a manual switch, less electrics to go wrong. Not always easy to fit a manual switch withing reach, depending on where the battery is. You don't want big cables running all around the vehicle either.


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Sorry, I should have said that this is a secondary isolator as there is a big manual isolator as well, like the one Ralph links to. I think the idea behind this one is to have a switch that has to be on to enable the winch buttons to work, which makes sense as I have knocked the switches in the past.

If an Albright or Thompson solonoid can be used then I'll probably get one of those to swap over at some point as this isn't looking too great.

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One 'cut off switch' minimum of 500 amp, use marine cut off switches, they are well priced, or the big version of Ralph's. Things will most likely go 'FUBAR' when the winch is close to stall , so pulling max amps

One solenoid to operate the winch - the Thomson unit is brilliant, worlds ahead of an Albright and sensible money

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