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Defender 90 not starting


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I have a 1987 exMOD 90 with a 2.5 diesel .

Lockdown meant it hasnt been driven and when I came to fire it up not much happened....

I can hear a click (presumably the starter solenoid), when I put another battery pack onto to the existing battery and short the starter I manage to get it to start however its not a lasting solution or ideal for supermarket car parks.

The battery shows 12.84V after charging but once used to attempt to start (and failing) it drops to 9.4V .

Is this as simple as a new battery or should I be testing for something else as well ?

Any advice gratefully received.

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See if you can borrow a reconditioning charger, check the battery fluid, top up if needed then put through a recon charge, other than that it sounds like your battery is a bit duff. Shouldn't be dropping that low.

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Even very dead ones can have 12v on them, it's what they do under load that's telling;

Here's the same battery in good condition Vs when it died, with a ~1A load being applied and then removed over a period of hours - both bounce back to ~12v but you can see how the bad one doesn't have the capacity.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks all - bit the bullet and bought a new battery.

Now it will start if i short out the starter / solenoid but not on the key .. its almost as if theres not quite enough power to start it ... so new solenoid im guessing now ?

Thanks again for the help

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will it start by bridging the battery side of the solenoid to the trigger terminal ? (white red wire)

If not then either get that one reconditioned at a good auto-electric engineers or as Ralph says put a new one on 


Steve b

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