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Oh my!


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There would appear to be no LandRover parts on that at all apart from the external surface of the 5 doors . The massive fuel tank hanging under the rear looks like an after thought and in one pic the prop sliding joint looks over-extended . I'll bet that's not even legal in some US states ? 

An interesting exercise in what you can squeeze into a 109sw envelope though .....


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12 minutes ago, oneandtwo said:

A lesson on door and panel alignment wouldn’t go amiss.

I'm sure they'll realise that, when they wash it and the interior is covered in water.

A lesson in  "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" might help as well.

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Hideous coloured lighting aside, the interior would be quite cool in the right vehicle. I'm not sure a series* landrover is where it belongs, though...

* - is it a series landrover? What did this thing actually start out life as? If the date is corrected series 3 should be right, but it's so frankensteined I can't tell!

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