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Hi there,

I'm finally starting to rebuild my Series 3 after I stripped it down 10 years ago. I have a new chassis and I'm excited!

I have a general question about whether to replace or repair certain parts. I know "it depends" but take these shocks and u bolts as examples please. They're a touch crusty but could probably cleaned up. Then again, they're (relatively) cheap to replace. What would you do please? If I am going to clean things up, what method(s) would you use please? The threads on the bolts worry me. Would you paint things? If so what with? Any help appreciated as I am an absolute beginnger!

Many thanks, Gordon


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Buy new shocks as the top covers are rusted through.

New U bolts and nylocs as these are a critical suspension part.

Shock lower mounts can be cleaned up with wire brush attachment in angle grinder. Then use an anti rust solution. Zinc paint (can get this in a rattle can or better quality from Witham paints in a tin) as primer, then a couple of coats of red oxide and top coat x2 of your choice. Takes a bit of time but worth doing. I would top coat you new shocks as the paint tends to be very thin.

Top shock bolts, reuse, clean up threads and shanks using angle grinder as above. Coat with grease over entire bolt, refit.


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Good answers here !

It’s all on condition. Shocks look knackered - U bolts look like they would clean up, but I can’t see the thread.

You’ll find some replacement parts poorer quality than what you take off - so that will factor in what you replace too.

10 hours ago, Taimanov said:

after I stripped it down 10 years ago

I have things I took apart 10 years ago - and I’ve no idea how they go back together now 😊

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It all depends what you want and are happy with. It obviously needs to be road worthy for sure. Make a list and price new parts up buy them all at once or get them bits at a time fit them then order more. More is always good and it may never end. Good luck with your adventure.

Regards Mark.

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If there's no obvious corrosion on the part, then keep it. Replace nyloc bolts as a matter of course. 

Use zinc based paint to protect steel, ensure you've removed all rust and paint before applying to a well keyed surface.

Cover with top coat of your choice.

Avoid hammerite for any steel, it's great for stone, though.

Apply a wax corrosion product on top. I prefer Bilt Hambler dynax, but there's loads out there.


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A decent chassis black - look on line, or If you want something really tough 2 pack epoxy paint - bit like the glue, you mix the main paint with a hardener. Bit of pain mixing small quantities for small parts but great for large items like axles. TBH, if you have done the prep, zinc primed and red oxide(d), then that's the main protection. Do not use Hammerite under any circumstances.

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Looking at your rotted shock-absorbers, I'd say you'd be stupid not to replace them.

If only to make life easier at MoT time.

If you present a vehicle for MoT with such obviously-scabby parts, the tester will likely think the vehicle is likely suffering a 'historical maintenance deficit' in other areas and so will apply extra scrutiny during the rest of the test, picking out anything marginal that, had his spidey-senses not been alerted he might otherwise have passed.

A vehicle that looks tatty will be scrutinised: a vehicle that's showing a bunch of recently-replaced parts and is clearly cared-for can have minor infractions [like windscreen chips] downgraded from fails to advisories.
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