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LPG Shower


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I'm thinking of fitting one of these to the trailer as we are running gas in there for the cooker, has anyone had any luck with them?


Online reviews are conflicting and given their price it's not the end of the world if they go tits up, however if someone has used one, got one, can vouch for one, i'd be interested in your views :D


The other option is to take the hot water system out of the Landy ( thermotop/heat exchange ) but that means i need to add a fuel tank ( albeit small ) to the trailer which isn't ideal...

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18 hours ago, Badger110 said:

After a few hours loitering in various areas of the internet, these seem to be of a decent stock with caravan outlets selling spares 




I shall give it a punt and provide some feedback when it's fitted

For that price , it's worth the try.  

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We used to sell various LPG heated showers, when I worked for OEC. The biggest issue with them was that there were generally too hot and lacked control.

The system I use now, which includeds utily toilet/shower tent, shower, battery, solar panel for trickle charge, improved shower head, 12 litre water container, duck board, flooring tile, shwoer curtain, 20litre toilet, sundries; cost less than £100 quid. It gives a decent shower, with lots of flow and reasonable pressure and works well from March to November.

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12 hours ago, miketomcat said:

Sorry can't help with gas showers. But if you use the thermo top you could add a heat exchanger and fan, that way you could heat an area to. Just a thought.



That is what i did in the truck; 




However i removed the PEH with the fan as i installed an air top.


The thermotop in the truck will stay as it's built in and doing the job



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On 1/16/2022 at 10:14 AM, Glue said:

Any further developments with this experiment?


It works, rather well in fact.


After playing around with pipe diameter into the unit, a 10ID pipe works best with the pump i have ( sureflo ) to provide enough pressure to trigger the ignition.


I would say about 1 -1.5 litre's to get to a decent showering temperature (32C) and after that, it's down to how much you want to use.  


Is it worth it?  I'd say yes if you're using gas for cooking or are happy to use it specifically.


There are many different versions, cheap and expensive but with the history of these units being in caravans, i think it's perfect for what i wanted.


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