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Series 3 gear lever isolator ring

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I'm looking for the part number for a late Series 3 4 cyl. gear stick rubber isolator ring/bush . My Factory parts books only show the earlier O ring type . 



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If by isolator bush you mean the 'thing' at the very bottom of the gear lever, that engages in the selectors, I'm pretty sure that was never available from LR as a separate item, they clearly intended that you buy a complete new gear lever.

It's possible that an after-market supplier like Charlesworth Mouldings, or HNJ Engineering, have designed and marketed the item, but I'd be surprised.


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Sorry, not me.  I did change from the o-ring type to the type with the bigger green isolator, and that lasted a while, but it tore and jammed the lever.  I need a new isolator or will have to refit the old stick, ideally with a PU o-ring in place of a rubber one.  I’ll be following this thread.

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3 hours ago, oneandtwo said:

The generic pattern replacement s3 gearstick is about £15 and comes with the latest type isolator, I have had one for four years in use and it is excellent, zero rattles in use.

Just checked on Britcar and the Bearmach option is only £10 so will order one . 

There are bigger problems than just the gear lever however , the syncro's are worn on 1st and 2nd and 3rd/4th not far behind . I drained the oil yesterday and 2 of the 3 plate springs for 3-4 hub came out - one chewed into pieces . The oil had more brass particles in than I've ever seen so it's looking like a full strip and rebuild .


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