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hole diameter

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Looking for somebody who maybe has a 2003 ish td5 90 dash in bits to get a hole measured or maybe knows it - being cheeky/lazy and not opening mine up if i can avoid it


the hole for cigarette lighter socket once existing unit is out - does anyone know diameter of it please?

looking to fit a twin usb socket with volt gauge in it and need hole size first  

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I’ve fitted two dual usb’s into mine (the first one failed) - and both just fitted as far as I remember.

I don’t know what the diameter is - but it must be pretty universal ? 

The thing I did wonder about was the length - there isn’t tons of space behind the dash due to the loom that sits in there. However the USB’s I bought were pretty compact and fitted ok. 

Sorry that’s not a measurement- but I wouldn’t anticipate you having any issues.

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awesome thanks folks


Now for the next fun question - heated front screen in 2003 td5 90 csw,  seems to be having voltage issues in terms of i do a fair old bit of short runs daily which i know is bad for battery, then weekly a decent run.  

using a landrover sets of relay etc would it be logical that when main battery is low just after a start it cuts off quick?

let it run ten mins and its fine.

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