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Good old BBC


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I was surprised that the BBC managed to contain their rabid hatred of 4x4's and just refer to "Gas guzzlers" in this story, then I noticed the photo used to illustrate it - surely as stock photos go that one is picked to give a certain message?

Parking hike for high polluters


Are freebies that high up the scale of pollution? :huh:

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That is an interesting point Jim. My bruv, RogueVogue to you, has a Discovery and his wife a Passat. They live in an area where there is an on-street parking scheme in operation for part of the day and, since Nick is at work for most of this period he does not have a permit for the Disco and just uses a voucher if needed. Now, assuming that both cars were parked "on street", both needed a permit and the Disco was charged at 3 times due to being a "gas guzzler", which car do you imagine would get parked and which one driven to avoid the punitive parking charge?

Do we not have a right under EU law to be treated equally to our fellow man?


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