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How do you empty LPG tanks?


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They are half full according to the green lights!!

I dont want to be in three countys at the same time............boom!

The usual method is to start the V8 :lol:

If it's just avoiding releasing gas you're worried about, I think they should self-seal when you disconnect them (but I'd want to double check - half full is still about as much propane as started the Piper Alpha disaster... :ph34r: ). If it's the weight of the tanks you're worried about then I'm not sure. I take it you have neighbours who don't consider the sound of a V8 idling for a couple of days music to their ears?

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Whe i stripped my rangey for its hybrid build, that had an 80 litre LPG tank in it.

Admittedly it was showing red lights and was virtually empty.

However, i asked around just before it was removed, as was told that they can be disconnected.

I understand that they shut automatically when disconnected. We removed the connection at the tank end, apart from the seapage from within the pipes it was fine, i am still here to tell the tale. You also get the smell of the gas, as it escapes, and we left it for a 10mins while the residual gas dissapated.

However, we did do it in the open away from any other people near to a field, just in case. Nerve wracking i admit. Also the tanks are heavy, two people to safely lift them i would suggest. It has been stored out of sunlight ever since in a cool workshop.

Hope this helps, but i gaurantee nothing with this statement as i am no expert just someone who has done it.

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We emptied an 80ltr tank by just removing the fitting from the solenoid, the tank took a few hours to vent completely and we left it over night just to be on the safe side, tank was vented in a field on top of a series3 and next to my 90, so nowhere near anything valuable :lol:

Lewis :)

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Guest dew110CSW
take it to work and take pot shots at it Mythbusters style.

I second this, all you need to find is an ex crash test dummy and someone with a handlebar moustache and you'd have Mythbusters UK going :lol:

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