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Beach Driving

Virgin 4x4

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I'm not sure salt water and sand is good for any vehicle and wouldn't expect a freelander to be any different.

If the Q is more about the freelanders abilities on sand then I'd have thought with the ETC aired down tyres they would do quite well but the lack of ground clearance puts them at greater risk of bogging in the soft stuff. Plenty of right foot and momentum is likely to be the best technique :D

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Salt water is VERY bad for ANY vehicle and will ruin the electrics quite apart from corrosion to everything else but apart from that, no reason it should be any different to any others.

These two Freelander 2's were happy enough in the surf :)


...though I wouldn't have bought either of them afterwards :o

TBH if you get into beach sand in any vehicle where you are sinking in to a depth that would ground a Freelander then you are probably f***ed anyway!

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Hey Virgin 4x4

Don't know if asking people in the Uk is going to be off much use. Most of them don't know what a real beach looks like :D:D:D

and if they did you are not allowed to drive on them in the UK anyway :D:D

The freelanders are ok for beach driving seen loads at Fraser Island. But as jules said you have to remeber they don't have low ratio so don't stop on really soft sand :)

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I don't have any experience with Freelanders, but make the following general comments.

On soft sand you will probably want less than 18 psi, more like 12 psi.

Letting the vehicle roll to a steady stop, to minimise the wedge of sand that builds in front of the tyres, will make starting off easier.

Rarely use low range on sand - speed/momentum is your best friend.

Here is a link to some pics from last weekend on a local beach in Aus

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Yep Deano

I remember as a kid we used to ride on the bech at Blackrock or pendine in the south or even southport sands

as well as Dune trailing at talacre on the coast accross from the wiral.

The chap fron the colonies has a point they have "coast to coast beach" beach & very little between

if you dont believe me "steal a sheep & have a peek"

happy trails


PS whats the law concerning beach driving at the momment in the UK? is it still left up the discression of the local council?

PPS if you want to see good beach/ dune facilities try Oman or the UAE although its mostly all big petrol-engined landcruisers & low tyre presures, was out there recently (although after the first hr or so its monotonous)

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