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Bruce, it's early sunday morning here, I wouldn't expect too many answers if I were you just yet.

As for gearboxes, it's not a matter of LR offering different gearboxes; the lt77 is an older gearbox and the r380 is a later gearbox. Which is the most suitable for the task you have in mind depends on the engine that you are going to use and the practicalities of fitting that gearbox to the engine.

I have an lt 77 on the back of my 300 tdi for no other reason than it was there when I bought it, it has 5 gears and a reverse and was exchanged for an exchange from Ashcrofts a couple of years ago. I can't see what difference fitting an r380 would make to mine !

If you want a stronger gearbox then go for the 4 speed lt95 from an old manual Rangy or the later Lt85 5 speed santana box. If you want to be exotic and gain lots of kudos then fit an auto.



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My 110 had a LT77 in it from new, I had the chance a few years ago to have a new R380 so went for it, a much nicer box to use & will cope with 380Nm of torque hence it's name the R =Rover, it completed 212,00 truoble free miles & who knows how many gear changes before the layshaft bearings died, a new [Ashcrofts] R380 replaced the first one & is slightly better as Ashcrofts do a mod to the shift mechanism, I would go for one of these everytime. fit the latest clutch pedal assembly too, it makes the operation lighter & easier on the leg.

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I had an LT77. It was ok, no racing transmission.

Then I went 300Tdi / R380. Apart from reverse being in a different place I can't say I really noticed a marked difference.

As John said, I snapped a mainshaft in my early R380. So I bought a later one.

(and now I'm going auto, but that's for offroad).

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LT77 my one was so much nicer to use than the R380 fitted now. only changed them as the mainshaft in LT77 was eating the splines. One day i'll refit the LT77 & make the car nicer to drive again.

the stickers are in a sticky thread at the top of the international section - then pay using the funding button under the LR4x4 logo (this is the bit i couldnt find so felt thick)

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