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You may be better off buying a good quality secondhand winch, such as a Warn or Superwinch, in fact if you stretch your budget a bit you could get a new superwinch EP9.

Alternatively try Champion winches - they are cheap and seem to last okay - a couple of friends have them for occaisional self recovery use and they seem alright, plus winch solutions (the company that supplies champion winches) are quite helpful when it comes to replacing parts that are damaged etc, and you can get spares from them

Or how about this one?

Lewis :)

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It's unbranded

It's made in China from recycled coke cans

It's being sold on eBay by someone who bought a container full of them, not someone who sells off-road gear.

Buy a decent 2nd hand brand name one, at least it stands a chance of lasting and being able to get spares.

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It seem its warrantry excludes most things you do with a winch too:

Parts not covered by warranty

1. Damage caused by unreasonable use, including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance

2. Any part used in competitive racing, off road and/or used commercially or rented.

3. Defects caused by alterations or modifications, accidents or failure to follow the instructions in the instruction manual.

4. Normal wearing parts such as cables, clutches and switches, which are subject to replacement dependant on normal wear and tear or require replacement in connection with normal maintenance.

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Leave well alone Russ if you intend to use your Disco for even any offroad work (and I know you do). Alrite if you want one for show but it WILL let you down, probably the first time you use it. 2 mates have bought cheap chinese winches recently, the first one snapped the casting first time out and the second one the bakelite socket for the remote fell apart fist time out. Imagine turning up at James next event having paid entry and that happened on the first punch! Better off buying a good second hand winch, even a slow steady one from someone who is upgrading to somehting faster.

REMEMBER, if you want to finish first, first you have to finish!

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Got a Husky sat on the garage floor doing nowt at the mo if your interested.

Thier not the fastest winch on the planet , but they are the strongest.

how much then?

dont want to spend a lot to start, as it will only get used a couple of times, he says with tongue in cheek


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