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roof rack


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Don't bother making a full sized one unless you have a lot of time and patience, it is a PITA! I had a half hearted attempt a number of years ago and gave up.

Brownchurch do good galvanised ones. For a working roof rack get a galvanised one and forget anything with a plastic coating as it will chip and be coming off in sheets after six months once there is water under it. Plastic coated ones may look good on the G4 Challenge but they are a waste of time in the real world IMHO.

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A friend of mine in Saudi used to make roof racks for Disco's and Rangies. The first one was the biggest pain and afterwards he made a jig to make copies to the same dimensions.

Here's mine on the Disco and my awning which I made myself from 30mm sq aluminium. You could probably do the same with 30mm diameter electrical conduit pipe. Mine in galved plumbing pipe!

Unless you're a dab hand with the welder and a pipe bender, you might find it less frustrating to buy a roofrack thats already made.


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