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Boxed in storage

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Going on a little trip in my LR to the mountains in Italy in 4 weeks time. See if I still get vertigo :o

Anyway been trying to work out how to store stuff in the rear of my 90 and reckon I need lidded boxes. Does anyone know of a make or source for such a box that will fit 4 on the bottom layer, 4 on top of that etc, exactly in the rear space of a 90 (with the county style seats up).

Expect someone in the 4x4 scene has them somewhere.

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Wolff boxes are great - they started as South African Army Flare boxes. I bought 8 very cheap ex-army dark brown ones. Now they are civvy green and come with high lids if you want. (At more than double the price, but still worth it). Armies do occasionally come out with good stuff - the jerry can is another case in point.

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Depends how hard-wearing and long living you want them, but i've got a couple of these in the back of the 90, used for storing tools, spares, recovery gear etc. They're no where near as strong as the other options above, but they're not bad either.

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