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Save The V8


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Perhaps we ought to put Red Ken up for nomination as a saviour of the V8?

After all, diesels will be hit with the new Transport for London measures, so dropping a V8 in instead will be so much better for London :lol::rolleyes:

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On a slightly off topic (but very closely related) note: Islington council recently had a biased referendum regarding increasing Residents Parking Permits if they own a "Gas Guzzler".

This is the letter I sent to the local rag and the councillors following the inevitable Yes vote.

Parking Charges – Let’s Face the Real Environmental Facts!

As a result of the unfair referendum owners of supposedly more polluting cars will have to pay more to park!

The referendum was fundamentally flawed, not just because of the biased way it was worded, but also because it took no account of the carbon footprint caused by the manufacturing process of making a new car. No account was taken either of the annual mileage. A parked car does not emit anything!

Even supposedly "green" cars such as the Toyota Pious - oops, sorry I meant Prius have a carbon footprint that should be taken into account when working out a car's environmental impact. Most cars have but one engine however; the Prius has not one but two: one petrol and one electric! The Prius is a remarkable piece of engineering and something of this complexity causes pollution not only when it is built but also when it goes to the big car park in the sky and is recycled. A rather large battery that contains a lot of nickel has an environmental impact too!!

The Prius is built in Japan and the tonne or so of CO2 used in shipping it to the UK should be taken into consideration as well.

Buying a new car is equivalent to burning down several acres of rain forest!

Now let's look at the major causes of global warming! China is building coal-fired power stations at the rate of two per week! Even if the whole of Europe cycled everywhere, any saving on our environmental impact would be nullified in no time by the output of the Chinese power stations and factories!!!

Instead of a trendy tax on a perceived cause of pollution, why don't we impose an import tax on Chinese manufactured goods unless it can be established that the goods were made in an environmentally friendly factory, using environmentally friendly power sources and from sustainable raw materials?


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