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hot transmission tunnel.

diesel dave

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hi all. this is my first post (of many i suspect) so please bear with me.

i have a 1994 soft dash vogue 300tdi auto, which i bought 4 weeks ago. I subsequently found that it changed down of its own accord at 70mph. i only had a week before going to france in it for a fortnight, so i bought another 4hp22 gbox secondhand, and fitted that. i did find that the replacement box was slightly shorter than the original gbox (the difference being in the length of the govenor housing at the rear). after modifying the mounting holes and the front prop the box fitted fine, and works well. the problem is the transmission tunnel gets really hot inside the car, especially the cubby box and around the electric window switches. i have just done over 1000 miles in the last two weeks with no obvious adverse effects. i was wondering if there is normally some sort of insulation above the gbox, or if it may be a problem with the transfer box now it is mated to a v8 gbox. i changed all oils etc before going away, and kept a close eye on engine oil and gbox fluid while away. all levels remained constant. all replies gratefully received

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"Pinch" the gear stick at its base. If it is too hot to comfortably keep your fingers there then it is too hot. All my auto boxes (both V8 and TDi) have made the gear stick very hot, but I could still keep my fingers on the stick :blink: and I definately don't have asbestos hands - I drive a desk for a living!

Not exactly a scientific test, but it will give you an idea.

Also, do all your warning lamps work?

if the autobox coolant warning light doesn't come on then you should be OK.

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