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O/T Husky Vs Warn


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Ok the question goes on

But i am have a problem with keeping the dual huskies on the truck, and they take some feeding. But are lighter than the warn and move on their own :lol:

Joking aside my 2 new puppies,



Sorry Mods for the off topic but i thought it was funny :)

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Wow, they're cute!

Good luck with'em, are you going to train them in some way or just keep them as the villains sled-dogs are?


(who has a mix of german shepherd and samojed)

They are starting puppy school on saturday, so getting them trained. Can't use them as sled dogs as its 33 degrees here at the moment and not chance of snow in Brisbane :lol: They like the pool though :)

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Nice looking dogs Ali. Just beware when they start digging. Had a guy in the Series III club with 2 of them. Took them to the National and it took him ages to fill in the hole they had dug :lol: . Apparantly they really like digging holes.



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